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CityQ 4-wheeler eBike combines the benefits of a bicycle and car for all year round use

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If you enjoy cycling but not when it’s winter, the lack of storage, or minimal comfort, you need the CityQ 4-wheeler eBike. This unique transportation looks like a mini car from the exterior but uses an electric battery or pedals for its power. In fact, CityQ brings you the comfort and technologies with a car. For example, you can configure the design for up to two adults, cargo, and boasts a maximum speed of 25 km/h. On the other hand, its design is like a bicycle. With a powerful 250 W motor, it can take you up and down hills, through the rain, and across the beach. Plus, its petite frame lets you conveniently navigate through narrow lanes. Overall, it’s a unique way of traveling that’ll turn heads.

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