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Live on this week’s The Brief: Can the Republican Party be saved? And what about rural America?

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The modern Grand Q Party.

Rural America went even more deeply into Trumpian territory in 2020, while the Republican Party wages a civil war between the dominant Q-aligned Trump conspiracy crowd, and a seemingly shrinking cadre of rational-thinking conservatives. 

This week we’ll explore both these topics on our YouTube show and podcast, The Brief. Joining us will be never-Trump Republican Sarah Longwell, founder of the The Bulwark, the Republican Accountability Project, and Republican Voters Against Trump, as we discuss whether her party can be saved. We’ll also have Matt Hildreth, the Executive Director of RuralOrganizing.org, a national “boldly progressive and proudly rural” organization based in Columbus, Ohio, working locally and nationally to build a rural America that is empowered, thriving, and equitable.

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